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Among the main subject and specialties which Marketech deals with, we name the following:

  • Computers, Software and Data Processing
  • Applied Sciences, Technology and Engineering
  • Communication, Chemical Industry
  • Manufacturing, Military Science, Naval Science, Transport
  • Agriculture, Fisheries, Farming, Food Industry
  • Forestry, Housekeeping and Hospitality
  • Stockbreeding, Wildlife Exploration
  • Medicine, Health
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Astronomy, Biology, Botany
  • Chemistry, Geology, Meteorology, Physics, Zoology
  • Social Sciences, Accounting, Business, Economics
  • Education, Finance, Government, Law, Political Science
  • Generalities, Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography
  • History, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Theology
  • Arts, Music, Language, Linguistics, Literature, Recreation
  • Entertainment, Architecture, Photography, Cinematography